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Title: RZR 800 axles , RZR 800s axles are different ?
Post by: Patti Davis on September 02, 2018, 11:16:34 PM
I am sorry to ask such a stupid question but I would like to share my story.
I bent my stock axles and bought 2 rear rzr 800 axle shafts from (
These "RZR 800 cv joint axles " I received are different from mine,the length and splines are different.
So I am guessing whether this seller shipped the wrong rzr axles or I bought wrong ones.
After check I made a mistake my ranger is the RZR 800S,the rear rzr axles I bought are for RZR 800.I will return the wrong RZR 800 axles to exchange correct RZR 800S.If I haven't overlook "S" and learn much about atv,this trouble should not have happened and could have been completely avoided.
Hope riders who have RZR 800 or RZR 800s take carefully when need to buy parts or accessories for his rzr.