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1  General / Where to Ride? / Re: C & R WATCH YOUR TRUCKS !!!!!!!!!! on: April 22, 2006, 12:01:34 AM
I myself have been there quite a few times, and other than having a quad violate my "right of way", I've  only had good times. I like the ditch or culvert or whatever to cool my truck down. My only complaint... NO PICS OF MY TRUCK IN YUR SITE... Well maybe at the concert. See-ya. STRETCHY
2  General / Where to Ride? / Re: C&R Motorsports Park Swamp Cabbage Event 2/24/06- 2/26/06!! on: February 27, 2006, 10:48:30 PM
YEAH That was me, spent about $600.00 in 30 mins. But I had a real good time. I thought that loud pop was my hub. SILLY ME
3  General / Where to Ride? / Re: C&R Motorsports Park Swamp Cabbage Event 2/24/06- 2/26/06!! on: February 27, 2006, 09:57:22 PM
Yes Yes..  Had an awesome time. BIG BLUE was a rippen. BHlew my front end up late Fri nite (early Sat morn?). Was 2 wheeling the rest of the weekend. My new power locker will be here Wed. Hope to get it back together soon. If you guys see me out and about come up and say "Hi". Its easy to spot me. I'm 6'6" drive a 78 ford 350 on 44's w/ no hood at half the speed of light, and usually have an empty bud light in my hand Roll Eyes
4  General / Where to Ride? / Re: River Ranch POA on: July 10, 2005, 11:16:09 PM

   These are indeed good ? I also have a camp area in RR.

I accept theses rules (Whether legally binding or not) for the "privaledge" of riding at RR.

I also concur w/ the idea of a camping area, I wouldn't want my "camp" in the middle of an open field during hunting season. A designated camping area suits me fine.

When I bought my deed I knew I would be buying into an association rhat had certain rules and required fees.

I am not concerned w/ tax returns for my fee.
Frankly as long as I have place to ride and camp I will adhear to RRpoa rules. When this whole thing comes to an end (hopfully never) I will own an acre 1/4 SOMEWHERE.

THIS doesn't answer any of your quest. But thats just how I see the situation to be.

If any of the authorities see fit, they will seize/sell the property at any time. We will get a check for the assessed value, and that will be that.

IF there is a better "system" lets hear it. I believe we can fight to keep this area open but we must have some sort of governing body (RRpoa) works for me. Athough I don't believe The state or the county give a damn about whether we have a place to ride ANYWHERE in the state.

I will remain open-minded on this issue and promise not to take it personally. I get aggravated at times, but promise not to take it out on you. There are legitamite quest that are unanswered, but most people let it go as long as they can ride.

That seems to be the situation at hand, complicated,  If you could shed some light on this issue. PLEASE do .
5  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Another ATV Death on: May 27, 2005, 11:03:47 PM
I live in n. eastern sara co. and I USED to ride down the road. But when we started having probs w/ kids PASSING cars on the road I stopped . The kids still ride recklessly and sometimes they get caught. If we abuse our "privledges" legal or not, we all pay. I liked riding to my friends house and down to the river, but no more. If I do go riding, I trailer my bike down to the neighbors trying to set an example.  

I used to think ORVs were fun, but everytime I turn around somone is screwing it up. MAYBE they should get more restrictions on bikes. maybe they should get banned from more places. I know most of us in this site are responable riders. AND I know that a few bad apples are ruining the bunch. AND the many ARE paying for the crimes of a few. But until we can control or get rid of those few it will only get worse.

I know I'll catch heck for this but it doesn't seem to be another alternative. HOW do you stop people from blatantly breaking the law in spite of warnings, fines, and seisures .

6  General / Photo Gallery & Videos / Re: River Ranch 4/9 on: April 16, 2005, 07:22:35 AM
Saw the pics on photobucket, Why bother w/ the rubber boots? Arent they filled w/ mud. Couldn't see the video tho
7  General / Where to Ride? / Re: L-Cross MS&G April 15th-17th on: April 11, 2005, 06:58:20 AM
Saturday is my BIRTHDAY and my buggy is running, can't wait to meet everybody. Now all I'll have to do is bring enough cooler for the BEER!!   Can't wait, can't wait waa-hoo
8  General / Photo Gallery & Videos / Re: Clearing my camp at River Ranch on: April 09, 2005, 09:01:42 PM
The Grizz

Watch out I cut the crap out of my foot on a glass bottle there

You could see the fat and the meat an everything, it was COOL Tongue

9  General / Where to Ride? / Re: L-Cross MS&G April 15th-17th on: April 09, 2005, 08:48:58 PM
anybody from sarasota area going
10  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Single and Searching on: April 09, 2005, 08:45:25 PM
I just give up... Grin girls are stupid and they have cooties. Tongue

on a more serious note.....the best way to meet people is to just do your thing and not go out looking. The girls I meet are usually at my hangouts or the ball fields. Never met anyone from this site but if there are single girls here......then this site is getting even better! Wink

I believe they have a shampoo for "cooties" now, so you can take care of that.  Shocked Grin ha ha

I'm single and not in a big rush to change, Too much work, and I believe when the time is right my six foot redhead will appear
11  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: To all the kids who survived the50's 60's and on: April 09, 2005, 08:09:11 PM
When my sis and I were little we used to PLAY in the cigarette smoke from my parents, and if I ever threatened to call child welfare my dad would have said "call 'em up, tell them to come and get your sorry azz"
12  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Irresponcible parenting PISSES ME OFF!! on: March 30, 2005, 06:28:16 PM
Parents are too busy trying to be their kids best friend. They need an authority figure not a buddy.

Every spanking I got I had coming to me.

Some days we were just asking for it.
13  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Stuck in the mud and water all alone. on: March 30, 2005, 06:16:25 PM
 I was also stuck at RR
 We were all at the playpen and it was gettin dark, so we started back for din-din. I was rear guard because of my big outlaws. As everybody left I fired up my bike and it pegged w.o.t. So I imeadiatly shut it down, but NOBODY stopped.

So there I was at the pen thinking no prob they'll be back for me camp is only 4 miles away. I drank my last beer and watched the sunset. Cool beans. The sun set. it was dark. the bugs were hideous. saw lightning in the background.

I thought if I have to leave my grizz all alone at the playpen and walk back somebody is going to die.

It took me almost 30 min to walk back to camp I had been missing for more than an hour. Just as I arrived a friend was starting to look for me. It was pouring rain and I was pissed.

It was almost worth it to see the look on my friends face as we went airborn in my deis daully with my 16' trailer in tow.

Luckily my bike was still in the bushes where I left it
14  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Outrageous on: February 27, 2005, 09:07:19 PM
  I was just informed of an incident involving a friend of mine, and I hope I have been misinformed or the guy didn't put up w/ it.

First off my friend is the type of guy everyone would love as a neighbor. Hard working, honest etc...

 Always thinking of others first befor himself, actually wanting to be part of the community.

 Anyway, on with the story

 My friend owns a dirt hualing co. With all the equip. loader trac-hoe, dump etc...

IT WAS STOLEN. The dump w/ the hoe and the trailer and another tractor-trailer full of tires was stolen from a tire shop in sarasota. It was a fairly new rig and was to be paid off soon.

 Fortunatly for my friend he had lo-jack on all his equip and it only took two days for the po-po to find it.

It was located in Naples at a hotel and the police had the place under survailance. They asked him if they could USE his equip to find a suspected theft ring in S.FL. he said O.K.

They eventually followed the equip to penbrook pines where they found a chop shop for rigs. The cops arrested the people involved found more stolen equip and all got props for a joint task force pat on the back.  HOORAY all ends happily ever after RIGHT....    WRONG  They called my friend up, told him to come get his property or it would be towed. My friend told them he could not get the equipment in the time allotted (one hour). Even if he could drive to Naples, from Sarasota, in that time personal probs(private) kept him from doing so.

So for being the nice guy and giving the law the only lead that broke this case, the idiots in charge gave him an 1100.00 tow bill for removing his equip.

Now I hope I'm in error, because I didn't hear about the tow bill from my friend. He's the type of guy who would pay the bill and not think twice about it, and just be happy to go back to work. BULLSHOT I say. Screw'em all send the basturds a bill for 5000.00 for equip rental.

 I would like to see if anyone else has heard about this. The story is online at news channel 40 in Sara. Its got the whole story exept for the tow bill. I am thinking of calling channel 40 and telling them about the bill to see if the press can help. But I'm pretty sure my friend doesn't want to cause a stir. It just seems to me a bit unfair and down right crappy for anybody to do this to you to show their appreciation.

 Anyway sorry for the rant, just needed to vent.
15  General / Group Rides & Events / Re: MS&G 18th,19th & 20th on: February 19, 2005, 06:57:36 AM
I can't get on their website to get a map, Somebody give me an address Cry
16  General / Group Rides & Events / Re: MS&G 18th,19th & 20th on: February 18, 2005, 05:16:48 PM
  Looks like I got a day off... bout time

 Been working out of Port Charlotte for 3 weeks straight..

 I'm FINALLY GOING!!!  Can't wait Got the Outlaws on the bike, beer for the cooler, and some rum for me.

I'll be driving a '99 F-350 diesel daully(tan) and ride an '03 black Grizz.    Can't miss me either I'm 6'6"  w/ a pony tail
 If you see me just yell "hey stretch"  and I'll stagger over.
 See you there
17  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Jeannette on: January 11, 2005, 06:30:31 PM
Happy B-day  Jeannette

My lil sis's birthday is today also. She's 33
I got her a camo bug gaurd for her jeep. Hope you got cool stuff too.

Big bros are AWESOME Tongue
18  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Don't you hate when............. on: January 05, 2005, 08:09:59 PM
The scariest is being scared by your cat cause you think its big foot Roll Eyes

Thank you... goodnite...
19  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: MR Bones(you the man) on: January 05, 2005, 08:00:25 PM
 JUst saying thanks again. Its 11:00 and I'm still typing, I've got to be up in 6 hrs to be at work. Somebodt please make it stop Shocked Grin
20  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Jupiter Farms Area Be On The Lookout on: January 05, 2005, 07:52:59 PM
Yeah... lurkers come in all shapes and sizes. Its mostly kids out here. Or when the local white trash boys run out of cash. I think that my neighbors think thy're safe in the country. They have 2 new Quads and a jeep buggy parked right out front w/ the garage door wide open. I was going to warn them but didn't want to look suspitious myself.

btw to any and all lurkers/crackheads this is a formal introduction to Blue he is an 80 lb dobby... he eats MEAT... and I'm stretchy , Ihave an A.K. and would like to shoot at something. Please feel free to stop by anytime for target practice/dinner...    
21  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Don't you hate when............. on: January 05, 2005, 07:13:57 PM
Sorry but I had a mouth full of feathers. Shocked
22  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Don't you hate when............. on: January 05, 2005, 06:53:56 PM
na, most the time u would lead because of a few reasons,
1. u are the one that clears the trail of spider webs and any other thing in the way (gini pig).
2. u are all lost and they dont wanna take credit for getting every1 lost.
3. there are a few more i kno of i just cant think of them  :-/

At river ranch they stopped asking me where we were. I just shrugged and said "we're at River Ranch" Cool
As long I had beer in the cooler there were no worries

Also I know I'm not the only one to have one of those birds fly up from a trail and hit them. It surprised me sooo much I dropped my beer. Then promptly ran it over. Cry
23  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: MR Bones(you the man) on: January 05, 2005, 06:46:24 PM
Yeah thanks alot. while the site was down all there wasto do was work.

really tho thanks for all the hard work
24  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Don't you hate when............. on: January 05, 2005, 06:41:51 PM
I used to think my friends used to let me ride up front at night because I'm a good rider. They finally told me its because I'm 6' 6" and that I'm too slow Tongue

At least I had the satisfaction that they were eating serious dust behind my outlaws Grin
25  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: found it on the net lets see if it starts some on: December 20, 2004, 07:56:29 PM
Everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to it, but.....  as far as WMD, they were in Iraq and are prob now in syria. We are still looking for Bin Laden as he was behind the 9/11 attacks. But he and other like him were aided by Iraq (sadam) and are you suggesting that we ignore 1 evil because we have not yet destroyed another? It appears we are able to do both at the same time. And anyone remember D-Day? How many thousands were lost in 1 day? I don't hear anyone crying about that. We have lost a lot of good men and women, but it is unfortunately a price we must pay to ensure our safety, and that of the iraqi civilians. Should we only fight when we can be sure of no loss of life? In that case any one that wants to fight can bring it to our door before we do anything about it. After the advent of subs, strategic bombers, and ICBM's, we can no longer just ignore the rest of the world as "it's their problem and doesn't concern us". We have to think about what  it would mean to allow people like sadam to control a country, kill hundreds of thousands of his own people (some through starvation while he builds multiple pallaces ... thanks to the UN and Kofi Annan) and all the while he helps in discrete ways the terrorists that want to destroy our whole country. Stretchy, I agree that there are other evils that need to be dealt with, but like you implied, we have to deal with some at a time not all at once. Right now we are dealing with sadam, his followers, Bin laden and his followers. And because of this the world is a better place. And if nothing else it gives a reason for those other evils to pause and think twice before helping terrorsits, or attacking the US. And I further disagree.....the ends (at times) do justify the means. Sadam should have been dealt with during the first gulf war and been removed then. This time we did not make that mistake. Thank God for a leader like Bush, our true allies (like Englans, not france, Germany, Russia), and most of all the heroic men and women of our armed forces that are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our safety as well as that of others.

This could be a long debate
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