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326  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Jacksonville School bus Accident. on: January 25, 2006, 08:11:02 PM
LAKE BUTLER, FL -- Seven children were killed Wednesday in a fiery crash involving a school bus in Union County.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Mike Burroughs says seven members of the same family were traveling in a car on State Road 121. They were stopped behind a school bus when a tractor-trailer carrying bottled water slammed into the back of the car. The car hit the back of the bus and burst into flames.

All seven people in the car were killed in the crash. They ranged from 21-months to 15-years in age.
327  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Ocala Forest Numbered OHV Trails on: January 23, 2006, 08:06:52 AM
Hey Prairie,

I saw the link to the Sierra Club. I can't help but agree with some things on that list. I disagree with a lot too, don't get me wrong. You got a lot of yahoo's out there that think the law of the land doesn't pertain to them. I myself enjoy trailriding and just looking around at the forest. That's me though. I don't like people who just tear stuff up and litter. As soon as the Sierra Club or any environmental group see's this every single 4 wheeler and mx bike looks like the bad guy when that is far from true. I take my family to Ocala about once a month and on several ocassions we pick up trash on the trails and leave our campsite clean. I've seen these places where a steel gate or hog wire fence is up and behind it is people riding anyway. Those are the one's who ruin it for us. What the link said about stiffer fines is okay with me when it comes to stupidity like that. There are some things like riding on a numbered road you can't help sometimes to find a new trail, but going off and just tearing land up is wrong. I have been going to Ocala for 3 years and the only time I was stopped by a ranger was when they told people to ride on the woods side of the powerline on 573 I believe it is. As said many times in these forums, it's better to have something rather than nothing and that goes for 1 side of the powerline. There are not a lot of places to enjoy what we do and I for 1 don't mind seeing some structure being put in place. We have to put something back in so we can continue to enjoy our natural resources. I hope I'm not sounding like an opponent. I am far from that. I just realize we have a good thing here and don't want to lose it. Ride safe.
328  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Osceola Forest Riding on: January 22, 2006, 09:51:31 PM
Hey 1fast250r that Cobb area looks really cool. Gotta try that sometime. Looks like you found the underwater roads too. It looks pretty hilly up above I-10.
329  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Osceola Forest Riding on: January 22, 2006, 09:45:53 PM
Kurt and Suzie you are both right. It was dumb of me to mouth off to this old guy. It was in the heat of the moment and was unusual of me. It was so obvious he was bein a butthole. I will always think twice before it happens again. Thanks for calling me on it.

If you want to ride in Osceola bring a quad ready for some water. The trails will be really nice and then you run in an area that's 100' long and sometimes too deep to navigate. I went today with friends who all had sports. I ride a 350 Rancher 4x4 and it pulled thru all I asked of it. My friends however weren't as lucky. We had to turn around several times. I would imagine it's like any other place. It will dry up when summer is here. Man I wish some of the trails at scrub were wet lol. There were about 40 riders at one unload area so that's a good sign that those trails are getting some riding done.

I've got a chance to ride over at Appilachicola on Friday. What do you know about it? I will be in the Caravelle area on business and have all day Friday to ride. Anybody wanna come join us? I may start a thread to see about some areas we can unload and of course ride legal.

I'm up in Jacksonville and we have Ocala and Osceola close by. Hopefully we can keep all of our riding places. Kurt you seem to be pretty involved on here. Any chance you would be a liason if a group was formed?

Let me know if ya'll come to Osceola. I'm always looking for new riding friends. I know a few trails and we can scout some new one's. Bring lunch, there ain't nothin around lol.
330  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Osceola Forest Riding on: January 22, 2006, 08:36:17 PM
Maybe all my actions weren't politically correct Kurt. The intentions of this guy were to hit my friend had he not moved. There is enough room for all of us out there. If an atv rider had done something like try and keep the road blocked, yes he should have beed pi$$ed. By the time we saw him and found a place to move off he intentionally had sped up to be an a$$hole. Hopefully when the trail system is in it will be marked ohv only and will not be a hunting ground. I doubt it, but it's worth a wish right? I heard from one ranger that Ocala Forest is like 600 sq. miles. Is there something wrong for all of us to enjoy it. The hunters have an ohv basically. They usually have an older truck rigged up to hunt with big tires and they can be destructive as well. Another thing I was going to mention is with all this talk of trails and banning, has our gov't forgotten there is an economy here that is going to take more of a hit as we lose riding areas. You have a lot of jobs being produced from what we do. I personally bought my Tail-Gator to haul my quads and camp in Ocala. We obviously all spend money on 4 wheelers and mx bikes. Then you have clothing and many other things to go with this hobby. The more we lose riding areas the less bikes and campers are bought therefore sells go down and an economy is hurt. I have to wonder what is driving this trail system and closures of public land. Hopefully we will all get an answer in May.
331  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Ocala Forest Numbered OHV Trails on: January 22, 2006, 07:08:22 PM
Man I hope scrub doesn't go away. The area near scrub is so good for riding. I don't understand about why Delancy is the focus so far. It seems more riders go to scrub than any other. Why not do what is going to be done now so we know where we stand. I bought a toy hauler a couple years ago and it would be impossible to haul out of scrub and have a place to sleep. This stinks because we are just like other people with hobbies. What's different about us? I mean golf courses use water like crazy and pollute from fertilizers. Boats hurt Manatee's and pollute water. I could go on and on. Those old trails aren't being hurt by us. The forestry clear cuts and it takes years to look right again. I don't understand it. I think the big thing is we hear so much from the rangers, on here and other sources. Just give us the news for pete's sake. Are we or aren't we gonna have a place to ride. I mean the forests are all doing trails so that makes me think we are going to have a place. Maybe we should all see our quads and start raising flowers or something lol. I plan on attending the meeting in Ocala. Let's just find out now what we're up against. If we're gonna lose it then tell us now so we can find new places and maybe get the state to help us. We all deserve to ride and enjoy our forests.
332  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Ocala Forest Numbered OHV Trails on: January 22, 2006, 05:40:43 PM
Like many have said on here, it's better to have numbered trails than no trails at all. If the forestry does as good as job at Big Scrub when that time comes as they did at Osceola we will still have fun. I just hope the powerline stays open so we can go to the lake and other trail heads. I rode again off 90 in Osceola today. The trails were pretty wet but marked well. We saw a large group of riders form at U.S. 90 and 215. Parking was good for them and a trail head is right there. I was pretty surprised to see how well the trails were marked. If you go to a ranger station they will give you a map of the OHV trails. It's not to scale but if you keep it with you, you will know exactly where you are.
333  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Osceola Forest Riding on: January 22, 2006, 05:30:43 PM
I saw your highlighted quote Kurt. I happened to have my 8 year old daughter on my bike and the guy who was almost hit had is 2 teenage kids in front of him. We were on a long sand road where the driver saw us from a far distance. We pulled over as soon as we found and opening to do so. I think you need to be there and see the situation first hand before you run your mouth. I have always been courteous to the hunters out there by going the other way when we see them. I see you got an opinion on just about every quote on here so no biggy. It's an opinion. Everybody's got one. Right?
334  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Osceola Forest Riding on: January 22, 2006, 05:18:36 PM
exactly who is making atv riders look bad Kurt? Not sure what was said that made atv riders look bad.
335  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: GPS Mount on: January 21, 2006, 04:49:50 PM
Hey Hallic,

I got one for my Garmin on Ebay. I typed in atv gps mount or similar. One part stays mounted around handle bar and one part cradles GPS and secures it to the opposite piece. Look on Ebay for your brand. Somebody should have it.
336  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Osceola Forest Riding on: January 20, 2006, 11:38:55 PM
Hey Magnum,
Thanks for the info. I rode on Monday and didn't see any hunters. We had the area to ourselves. So what you're saying is you rode north of 10 correct? We rode about 10 miles south of 10 right off 90. If it's more open and better riding let me know that. I think hunting season up so we don't have to worry too much on them. I've never really had hunter problems in the 3 years we have gone to Ocala. If we see them we just go the other way. When we went to Ocala, New Years weekend we saw a hunter coming down a sand road we were on and we pulled to the side and he was driving by looking straight ahead like we were invisible and almost hit my friend who was last in line. I went after him and he kept looking forward and wouldn't say what his problem was. I yelled to him the reason he was hunting at ONF is because his sorry @$$ couldn't get in a hunting club because he was an idiot and no club would have him. That's pretty much all the hunters out there. They either don't have the $ to join a club or whatever. I've seen fights between atv'ers and hunters because dogs almost got hit. Most of them are cool but you can tell they don't like us. Anyway deer season should be done and we have some cool months ahead of us. Let's enjoy them.
337  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Osceola Forest Riding on: January 20, 2006, 09:56:50 PM
Has anybody ridden at Osceola. I took my daughter last Monday and I think we are going Sunday. We rode in the Quail Management Area which is off of 90 south of I-10. My question is, is there any areas above I-10 or other places that anybody recommends? The trails are pretty muddy in what we saw. I was looking for some terrain similar to scrub.
338  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: Ocala Forest Numbered OHV Trails on: January 20, 2006, 09:45:05 PM
Sounds good need for speed. I have never gone up to Delancy because I usually want to camp and not sure if you can ride out of the camp. If the forestry service is making marked trails maybe we have a chance that we will get to ride out there. We all know it only takes one knucklehead to ruin this for all of us. We gotta be our own police and watch out for this resource. I think whatever we can do to help the rangers and volunteers will benefit us in the long run. I have seen the rangers getting smart with a few people, but it's usually because they are doing something wrong and the ranger is pissed. I've had several rangers stop me to let me know to stay on the inside of powerlines and to not ride in the waterholes on the powerlines. I respect them and say no problem and they get back in the truck and drive off. I saw a guy New Years drive off and spray the ranger with sand right in front of scrub. I looked at my friends and said that's the @--hole that will end our fun doing that crap. The best thing we can do is respect these people and be on their side. One thing I was thinking on this organized group thing is to form a club for example: Big Scrub Riders. Maybe the members can do a monthly day out there to clean up and put a little back in instead of taking it all out. I've got 3 Scotch Drags that can be pulled with a 4 wheeler. These things would be really good to use on trails to level them out and give them a nice look. We can take turns pulling them while we ride. For anybody who's never seen a scotch drag it is a mat with 4" tines that turn the ground over and it looks like a rake just went over it. If anybody is interested in doing this let me know. I love riding out there and I think if we showed the forestry we give a crap they might just let us keep riding with no problems.
339  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Ocala Forest Numbered OHV Trails on: January 19, 2006, 10:59:08 PM
Looking at the proposal that is coming up on ONF. It looks like so far it's only Delancey area for now then it looks like other places will be marked later. I don't think Big Scrub will be closed because 1. the rate to park is 6 bucks now and it's cash for the forestry. That's just an opinion, not to be confused with truth. I talked to ranger at Scrub and he said they are going to renovate the camp and make it smooth and numbered spots. New bathrooms and showers are coming as well. What I don't understand is this. We are not hurting those fire break and logging trails in the forest. Those areas can be graded out in one pass of a boxblade. My thing is just charge us 50 bucks like Croom does and quit messin with us. If somebody tears something up like wetlands or litters then load em up and send em home. Something like a zero tolerance will keep people in line. I'm not talking about riding on a numbered road or on the wrong side of a steel pole on the powerlines but for the stuff like deliberately tearing up something sends the rider home. I have no problem with rules or a small fee to ride on what we have now at ONF but let's meet with these folks, find out what they want and let's all move forward and have a place to enjoy our hobby. I read one thread where a guy said boaters are not outlawed, horses aren't outlawed and neither should OHV's. I have seen a lot at ONF like the swimming hole trashed with broken glass, trash and some of the wetlands tore to hell and back. I see the reason why the forestry service is pissed, but the bad thing is the trash and bad stuff going on is being done by a small percentage of the riders that come out there. Maybe I'm reading too deep in this but I like ONF and I want to continue enjoying it. An organized group to liason between the riders and forestry service would be good. Right now we all hear one thing from this ranger and 5 minutes later we hear something different from another. I think we should seriously consider a meeting at Scrub CG and talk about some organization. Hell invite the rangers and forestry service while we're at it. Isn't there a lady in charge of ONF that is located not far from there? At any rate let's do it quick before we lose our spot. One last thing. I rode at Osceola Monday and they have the atv trails in place now. It's not a bad thing out there. You can get a map and the intersections are marked well so you know where u are. This was only south of I-10 now, so don't know about northside. Hope we get this out of the way soon so we can have happier threads.
340  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: cheap atv's on Ebay. Is it real? on: January 18, 2006, 08:06:38 PM
I agree Highlander. I found out today that the Rincon I looked at on Ebay was a clone auction. This guy near Tampa cloned the auction. I looked at completed items and what do I find? The real auction already done. Same pics just different seller. I know if I buy on Ebay it will be cash after I look at the bike in person and we will go to tax collector.Be careful guys. I want all my Scrub friends on good bikes.
341  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Re: cheap atv's on Ebay. Is it real? on: January 17, 2006, 09:29:35 PM
Thanks Scrub,

I think when I bought mine it was before those m f'ers got a chance to learn how to scam on Ebay. I looked at a rancher once and the guy sends me an email saying he is in the service stationed in Italy. Told me to send him like 2k for this new bike via Western Union. Just to pass this on Ebay says never pay W U. It's not meant to pay for auctions and if you get scammed they won't intervine. I guess that the best bet is if you buy off Ebay make sure it's a local thing or close enough to drive and check it all out. One more thing. I know a lot of people sell things on here. If you sell an enclosed trailer or bike, make sure you go to the local tax collector office and get the item in your name that day with the seller. I've heard of some people who have bought things and a few days or weeks later they go to register it and the seller has a lien on it or something that can jeopardize your ownership. So best thing is to stand in front of a tax clerk and do the money, title work and bill of sale right there. Not trying to be a know it all but these days you can never be sure. And whoever the guy is who asked if I'm a scammer, the answer is no. I'm just a guy who likes riding at Scrub and having fun dude.
342  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / cheap atv's on Ebay. Is it real? on: January 17, 2006, 07:26:05 PM
Man I looked at some quads on Ebay and found some $5,000.00 bikes for like half price. I mean a 800 Polaris 05 model for 2 grand. They all have this message bull crap that says you have to be pre-approved bidder. I got an email from Ebay after I asked a seller if 1 bike was really that price. Ebay said it could be scammers trying to just get email addresses. I know it's hard for them to find scammers with all they do. I bought my 2000 Rancher ESP 4x4 on Ebay back in 03. It only had 50 miles on it. A man in Pompano had 3 identical bikes he bought for his grandkids who live in Ohio. They didn't come enough so he sold them. I just wanna see if anybody else has come across this. I'm looking for a bigger quad like a Honda Rincon or Foreman 4x4 if anybody has one. Oh by the way the guy selling this bike didn't respond. I think they call that phishing when these guys do this. I guess now everybody can laugh at me for thinking you can get a bike so cheap. I got mine for $2,500 though and it was prolly a 4k bike new at least so I felt I did ok. One thing if I do buy one of these so called good deals is only get one where I can pick it up and the seller get's the cash on delivery and the sell is legit on Ebay.
343  General / ATV Florida Open Discussion / Any new news from Scrub trails this weekend on: January 16, 2006, 10:20:00 PM
I went to Osceola rather than Scrub to see what else is out there. Different terrain but trails marked good. Dang I'm glad I got 4x4. The area I rode was muddy as hell. I read last week about some of ONF being closed to OHV's. I agree with the areas with water that don't need to be torn up but we aren't hurting those old fire break and logging trails. When we went down New Years we saw areas where the clear cut was. Now don't tell me we are hurting crap. I have ridden in ONF for 3 years and I've seen how after it rains you can't tell an ATV has even been there. ONF is a pretty place and all but it is not a pristine piece of wetland. Another thing that's gonna get us thrown out is the trash in the woods. We took some bags out and cleaned up some stuff. The bad thing is most of it's recyclable. It's not just ATV people tearing stuff up. The hunters do plenty as well. I've seen plenty of placed tore up by hunters. My idea is make all south of powerline OHV and north be hunting. That way we can all have a fair area.
344  General / Photo Gallery & Videos / Re: Packed at Scrub today... on: January 16, 2006, 09:43:26 PM
Forgot to say that most of the trails I went on had a lot of water. My daughter and I did our fair share of propping legs on fenders. Glad I didn't get stuck. Nextel works good at Osceola but dang where u gonna find somebody. I did take the GPS and another thing is the trails were marked good as to where you can and cannot go. Hopefully if the trail system at Scrub is put in it will be marked well. If people can't follow the easy sign system like Osceola then they can go home. I hate seeing what some clowns have done to the areas around scrub. I'm in to ATV'ing for the long haul and want ONF to be open for all to enjoy. It's a free 4 all right now but if we get together and act responsible I think we can keep a good thing. ONF is a privilage to us, not a right.
345  General / Photo Gallery & Videos / Re: Packed at Scrub today... on: January 16, 2006, 09:35:34 PM
I'm a regular visitor and just signed up so hope I'm doin this right. I was down at Scrub on New Years. I hope things stay cool down there. We have been going there for 3 years and enjoy it a lot. Took my daughter to Osceola today. Man what a different type of terrain. My 350 Rancher 4x4 got her done!!!!. I was only rider there I think in the Quail Management area. If anybody knows better places let me know.
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