Withlacoochee State Forest
6420 La Rose Rd.
Brooksville, FL
352-797-5759 (Croom Office)

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Size: 2,600 Acres
Skill Level: All Types
Hours: Open Until Dusk
Fees: $65/Year per ATV / Motorcycle.
Vehicle Types: ATVs (3 or 4 wheeled) and Motorcycles.
Camping? Yes
Rating: Riding *** (3 out of 5) / Camping Facilities **** (4 out of 5)
Pros: Large park with many places to ride for beginners to experts. Large wooded camping area. Can be very peaceful during the week and it is great to see and meet other ATV riders on the weekends. Mostly woods riding. Weekends can be very busy.
Cons: Costly if you have multiple ATVs. No long, flat and smooth areas to really get some speed. Some of the trails are heavily whooped out.

Croom ATV/Motorcycle Area is located in Brooksville, FL along side I-75 just north of US98/SW50.


Google Earth Map

Find points of interest at Croom with a 3D interface. We've assembled a file you can open with Google Earth with all the coordinates built-in.

Download: croom.kml (right click, choose save as)
Updated: 08/30/05

You must download and install Google Earth before you can view this file. Once installed, simply open the file (CTRL+O).

We will be constantly updating the map as we find new GPS coordinates.

Discuss this map and post your GPS coordinates in our message forum.


Day Use Area #1 - Points of Interest

This picture is of Croom's Sand Hill area (a.k.a. "The Pit"). A very large open area for high speed riding. It's located just south of the 1st Day Use Area. This panorama picture was taken during a week day, so no one was there! It can be very busy on the weekends. Depending on weather conditions (more rain means more ruts) it can be the perfect place to ride your ATV at Croom. During the dry season in Florida (Jan - May) it can get pretty dusty with lots of riders (see picture below). So don't forget your goggles!

Above is a picture of Sand Hill during the wet season in Florida (June - September.) As you can see it is quite flooded!

There are many good wooded sand trails to the north and west of the Sand Pit. Although may of them are full of whoops and an ideal route for an ATV can be hard to find, but they do exist!

Day Use Area #2 - Points of Interest

The Day Use Area #2 is the best place to ride an ATV. There are many great places to go. The best trails are located all the way to the west and north of the main road. They have the least amount of whoops and are fun to ride on. If you are looking for some more technical riding, try the area around the small lake just south of the Day Use Area #2 parking area. Be careful though! There are many steep drop offs that can cause serious injury.

Hill Area

Laurain Gulch
Small Lake

Croom Cliffs

These are just a few of the great places to ride in Day Use Area #2. Go ahead and explore! If you get lost you can always listen (with your engine off of course!) for the traffic on I-75 coming from the east to get your bearings. There is also a fence line running around the entire park that can help you get back to the parking areas.

Miscellaneous Croom Photo Gallery

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