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1  General / Racing Scene / Re: Thanks to the Thunderbowl staff on: August 24, 2009, 05:21:20 PM
I'd like to second that big thanks to the staff at Thunderbowl. It's nice to know that the track will do everything in their power, and then some to get us on the track and able to race. They were patient, and went above and beyond what was expected to get everyone out their. Also everyone that showed up was patient, and stuck it out as well. I only heard of one person that had to end the hold out of hoping to race, and unfortunately it wasn't because of the rain (family emergency). It's nice that everyone their was patient, loyal, and must not have been the complaining type crowd, because complaints were at a minimum.

Which brings me to the turnout. I keep hearing people complain about old tracks that were great to ride, but closed, or tracks that are going to close, or recently did close, but those same people who do all the complaining... don't come out and race. Don't you realize that your are the solution to your complaining/problem. I can see with turnouts the way the have been lately... it doesn't take a business major to see that profit margins are at a bare minimum, and this track will be another casualty of poor turnouts if this keeps up. Please... I beg... stop the complaining, excuses, and whatever other smoke screens that keep you from coming out to race. We've got a great set of spectators, racers, and track personnel, with a good family environment, gas is down, etc... There are more reasons to show up and race... then not to. So I hope to see everyone out there September 5Th.
2  General / Racing Scene / Re: To all of you Shawn Mc Fairy followers on: May 15, 2009, 06:08:49 PM
Justin... you couldn't have set him up any better!

In his defense... the bike is wrecked because of me, and I'll never sit on another Kawi again, and couldn't be more happy that I didn't buy one! It's ruined racing for me this weekend, and I'll never forgive Kawi for it. They should be black and blue... not green.

His not being able to race though... that's all on him! Too bad... he's just starting to get really fast, and now he'll be taking notes from the sidelines. I hope those notes are better then the ones your taking at school!

He does get beat by a girl, but... he is 16, and I think he is a step ahead of all of us on this one. I'm sure he rides behind the girl in order to enjoy the view. Just stop staying behind her, and make sure to beat her to the finish line... side note: that's when they wave the black and white flag... not the white only flag!
3  General / Racing Scene / Re: Thunderbowl 4/12/09 TT Race Cancelled - Rescheduled for 4/11/09 on: April 07, 2009, 12:23:15 PM

I'm not even gonna waste my time on someone who can't talk trash without using an alias.


I'm sayin'!... A honda won't even finish in the top 3! Yeah... I said it! Don't spin me out, or try to use me as a guard rail please!  Wink


It would be a pleasure to race with you. I hope you can make it. We'll find you tires... no prob!


Are you lonely or something? Don't hate! It's not the way to make friends. I'd love to see your "stock" bike out in front at the end of a race... heck... I'd like to see it at the end of the race, instead of wadded up in the back of that pickup with you in the back of an ambulance.
4  General / Racing Scene / Re: Pro/Am Race March 6 on: February 18, 2009, 12:13:17 PM
thats all you will do is try but you'll be donatin yoiur money to me. your banshee aint that fast!! ya'll can all just give me your money cause i get it anyways.
  Oh ok. Instead of all the jaw jackin how about just trying to get to the checkered flag before everyone else!

Or better yet..... just show up and enter the race. A lot of Jaw Jackin' seems to be followed up with a "NO SHOW"!!!
5  General / Racing Scene / Re: Motorcycle Guys- "Rat Class" ???? on: January 15, 2009, 01:14:17 PM

I've sat here and tried to think of a way to come to your aid... but you just make it to easy to dis-like you man!

You want statistics? Here ya go!

Open Class 2008 Results
1. Yamaha - ("hi-tech new 4 stroke")
2. Yamaha - ditto
3. Yamaha - some of the same!

Vet Class
1. Yamaha - (rocket ship 4 stroke technology)
2. Yamaha - (another ol "stock" two stroke)
3. Honda/Kawasaki - Yeah this just happens to be Brady... but that stock ol honda is actually a Tori/ATP/Mystic "built" motor (pffft - those are all the names of different mechanics it's taken to work on keeping it running), with an aluminum frame, pro-trax front end, top end PEP suspension, and about the best money can buy of everthing on it... and it still finished 3rd... shows those skillz. Then the Kawasaki which was built by K&K after an 18 month hiatus finished at the top of the podium its first 2 times out, and was then "stored" away... still running great I might add, which did the majority of the point collecting to help that Honda look good. To quote Ryland... "Daddy why are you riding the black bike when you win on the green one?"

That being said you want to bash the Yamahas that are doing their off season maintenance to get ready for the race season?! C'mon man! I can't just let that slide! We'll se what happens when the racing starts counting for something... you... you... hater!

P.S. please keep the Homo internet porn to yourself.
6  General / Racing Scene / Re: Email Notifications for Upcoming Thunderbowl Speedway & SDTA Events on: January 02, 2009, 10:21:19 AM
Add me to the quads list please

7  General / Racing Scene / Re: Put Mike Kohler in your prayers on: December 08, 2008, 01:56:11 PM

You have a new fan club, and I'm your number one fan. I've seen grown men ball, cry, shake, or shiver when they only had one less serious of and injury as yours. You had two, and remained calm and complacent the entire time. I know your father is proud of you as is all of us. I know with your great character you will rebound quickly. Stay positive! I hope to be lucky enough to get the opportunity to sign your cast... and maybe I could get your autograph while we got the pin present!?


I know where she gets that great character, and you should be commended as well. You set a great example for her and stayed calm, focused, and let the people who could help her best do their job without interfering and causing a ruckus. Having a child myself, like we spoke about, it can be very difficult to see that kind of serious injury and stay clear headed. If you guys need anything you know where to ask. I know I speak for all of us.

Keep us updated.
8  General / Racing Scene / Re: Race #6 Sat July 12 Thunderbowl Speedway 6pm on: July 08, 2008, 01:29:16 PM
all i wanna know is will there actually be any real pros at this race or just the usual bunch of posers?? I'd consider comin out with some of my mx pro buddies and show yall something but we aint wastin our time til we see some real talent. Cry

"Superstar" I think you've got it all backwards... but then again maybe you just want to be a "pus"! I'd like to have enough to run a money class this time, if you and your "buddies" want to come out and donate. 3 Stooges
9  General / Racing Scene / Re: Outlaw Money Race- Saturday Feb. 2nd on: January 24, 2008, 05:26:53 PM
Hey crash did you even find your quad after last weekend. all I saw was your eyes, and that's only because you took off your goggles. other than that it was all mud!!!

Yeah, Wayne found it... but it sure doesn't look the same. I new I should of went with the brown powder coating instead.
10  General / Racing Scene / Re: Outlaw Money Race- Saturday Feb. 2nd on: January 24, 2008, 05:23:54 PM
"At least I "wreck" in an actual race. You wreck all by yourself in practice. LOL."

Brady I'm just trying to stay true to my moniker for all my fans. Roll Eyes

Yeah that's it!

Well... if it's for the fans, then it's all good. Can I get your autograph this weekend by the way?

what do you want his autograph for. is he famous or something.  Cool

Yeah I'm famous... I'm kind of a big deal... just ask all my 3 year old fans!  Grin

I'd be glad to give you an autograph, just don't ask me to sign your moobs (man boobs)!
11  General / Racing Scene / Re: Outlaw Money Race- Saturday Feb. 2nd on: January 24, 2008, 12:27:16 PM
"At least I "wreck" in an actual race. You wreck all by yourself in practice. LOL."

Brady I'm just trying to stay true to my moniker for all my fans. Roll Eyes

Yeah that's it!
12  General / Racing Scene / Re: AMA Winternats Series March 2008 on: January 24, 2008, 12:22:13 PM
Brady I'm starting to feel sorry for you... so let me give you some advice you may have missed out on that will help you with your YFZ phobia. Haven't you ever heard the cliche... If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Now you know you spend a lot of time drewling over our bikes, and staring at the back of them. So why don't you sell that rumor of a green machine I've only heard about, and come over to the winning side.
13  General / Racing Scene / Re: Outlaw Money Race- Saturday Feb. 2nd on: January 22, 2008, 01:02:05 PM
 Oh my god!  You gonna let him get away with that? Smiley

He rides a poo-poo-laris-honda, so you have to take that into consideration with the lack of response.

Besides that he only rides in our class so that when he "breaks" or "wrecks" or as he refers to it "somebody crashed me"... he can pull off into the infield and get a front row seat of all the action!  Shocked Evil
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